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Western College Players

94 years of Quality Community Theatre in Plymouth



Selected memorable Past Productions from our 90+ year History

(Don't forget to visit our photo gallery to see classic shots from many of these plays)

They Came to a City- by JB Priestley (1951)

Miranda - by Peter Blackmore (1952)

Fresh Fields - by Ivor Novello (1952)

Mr Pim Passes By- by AA Milne (1953)​

And this was odd- by Kenneth Horne (1953)

Dear Brutus- by JM Barrie (1955)

Sailor Beware- by Philip King and Falkland Cary (1959, 67, 80,92)

The Curious Savage- by John Patrick (1961, 70 )

Watch it Sailor!- by Phillip King and Falkland Cary (1962, 67)

Ill met by Moonlight- by Michael MacLiammoir (1962)

Doctor in the House- by Ted Willis (1963)

Rock a bye Sailor- by Phillip King and Falkland Cary (1964, 70, 80)

It's a Record- by Wilfred Massey and Kent Richards (1964)

Jane Eyre- adapted from Charlotte Bronte (1965)

Separate Tables- by Terrence Rattigan (1965)

Busybody- by Jack Popplewell (1967, 71, 88)

Wuthering Heights- adapted from Emily Bronte (1967, 2014)

The Woman in White- adapted by Bill Stone (1969)

Sweeney Todd the Barber- by Brian J Burton (1970)

The Lion in Winter- by James Goldman (1970, 93)

Yellow Sands- by Eden and Adelaide Phillpotts (1971, 87)

Not now Darling- by Ray Cooney and John Chapman (1972)

A Christmas Carol- adapted from Dickens by Bill Stone and Edward Trott (1972, 87)

The Potting Shed- by Graham Greene (1976)

The Savage Dilemma - by John Patrick (1978)

When we were married- by J B Priestly (1979,98)

Romanov and Juliet- by Peter Ustinov (1979)

Aurelia- by Robert Thomas (1980)

The Strange Gentleman- Adapted from Dickens by Bill Stone (1980)

Dry Rot- by John Chapman (1980)

Lloyd George Knew my Father- by William Douglas Home (1981)

Ten times table- by Alan Ayckbourn (1981)

The Exorcism- by Don Taylor (1982)

Pardon me Prime Minister- by Edward Taylor and John Graham (1982)

Lord Arthur Saville's Crime- adapted from Oscar Wilde (1983)

Shut your eyes and think of England- by John Chapman and Anthony Marriot (1983)

Cider with Rosie- by Laurie Lee (1984)

Plaza Suite- by Neil Simon (1985, 89)

This Happy Breed- by Noel Coward (1986)

Bedroom Farce- by Alan Ayckbourn (1986)

Arsenic and Old Lace- by Joseph Kesselring (1988)

Sisterly feelings- by Alan Ayckbourn (1988)

My Three Angels- by Sam and Bella Spewack (1989, 2000)

Ladies in Retirement- by E Percy and R Denham (1989)

And so to bed - by JB Fagan (1990)

The Farmers wife- by Eden Philpotts (1990, 2000)

Noises Off- by Michael Frayn (1990, 2007)

Rape of the Belt- by Ben Levy (1991)

Can't pay, Won't pay- by Dario Fo (1991)

Pink String and sealing Wax- by Ronald Pertwee (1991)

Beyond Reasonable Doubt- by Jeffery Archer (1992)

Outside Edge- by Richard Harris (1993, 2002)

How the other half loves- by Alan Ayckbourn (1993)

Good Companions- by JB Priestly, Mercer / Previn (1993)

The Forsyte Saga (1994)- adapted from John Galsworthy (1994)

Dracula (1994) - adapted by Liz Lochhead from Bram Stoker (1994)

Seasons Greetings- by Alan Ayckbourn (1994)

The Small Hours- by Frances Durbridge (1995)

The Forest - by Alexander Ostrovsky (1995)

Anne of Green Gables- from LM Montgomery (1995)

Somethings Afoot! - by James MacDonald, David Vos, Robert Gerlach (1996)

Local affairs - by Richard Harris (1996)

Great Expectations - adapted from Charles Dickens (1996)

Hobson's Choice - by Harold Brighouse (1997)

The Darling Buds of May - by HE Bates (1997, 2007)

Absurd Person Singular - by Alan Ayckbourn (1997)

A Woman of no importance- by Oscar Wilde (1998)

Pride and Prejudice- adapted from Jane Austen (1998)

Our day out- by Willy Russell (1999)

Rashomon (1999)

The Hollow- adapted from Agatha Christie (1999)

The Elephant’s song- by Gareth Roberts (2000)

The Verdict- by Agatha Christie (2001)

Jamaica Inn- adapted from Daphne Du Maurier (2001)

An Old Tyme Music Hall (2001)

The Hound of the Baskervilles- adapted by Tim Kelly from Arthur Conan Doyle (2001)

Barefoot in the Park- by Neil Simon (2002)

Frankenstein- adapted by Tim Kelly from Mary Shelly (2002)

Murder by another name- by Bob Perkins (2003)

A Murder is Announced- by Agatha Christie (2003)

Becky’s Birthday- by Gareth Roberts (2004)

Les Miserables- adapted by Tim Kelly from Victor Hugo (2004)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- adapted from Roald Dahl (2004)

Strangers on a Train - by Patricia Highsmith (2005)

The Scarlet Pimpernell- adapted from Baroness Orczy (2005)

The Twelve Plays of Christmas- by Gareth Roberts (2005)

11a Cadogan Square- by Bob Perkins (2006)

Brassed Off- by Paul Allen (2006)

The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde- by Bob Perkins from Robert Louis Stevenson (2006)

Little Women- by Gareth Roberts from Louisa May Alcott (2007)

1984- adapted from George Orwell (2007)

A Chorus of Disapproval - by Alan Ayckbourn (2008)

Rebecca- adapted from Daphne Du Maurier (2008)

Kes- by Lawrence Till (2008)

Heidi - adapted by Gareth Roberts from Johanna Swift (2009)

Noises Off- By Michael Frayn (2010)

The Lion, The witch and The Wardrobe- adapted from CS Lewis (2010)

The Graduate- by Terry Johnson (2010)

The Diary of Anne Frank- by Kesselman, Goodrich and Hackett (2011)

Hi-De-Hi- by Carpenter, Gower, Perry and Croft (2011)

The Hundred and One Dalmatians- adapted from Dodie Smith (2012)

Nursery Crimes: The Curious case of Humpty Dumpty- by Gareth Roberts with Mark Reid and WCP members (2012)

Sense and Sensibility- adapted from Jane Austen (2012)

The Railway Children- adapted from E Nesbitt (2013)

Shakespeare in a Huff or Hamlet the Wizard Pig- by Gareth Roberts (2013)

Appointment with Death- by Agatha Christie (2013)

Cinderella: the whole story- by Gareth Roberts (2013)

The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 3/4- by Sue Townsend (2014)

Wuthering Heights

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland - Lewis Carroll adapted by Gareth Roberts (2015)

Carrie's War- adapted by Emma Reeves from Nina Bawden (2015)

A Christmas Carol- adapted from Dickens by Harvey Crane (2002, 2015)

The Phantom of the Opera - adapted from Gaston Le Roux by Gareth Roberts (2016)

Sleeping Beauty & the Beast - written by Gareth Roberts (2016)

The Wonderful Wizard of OZ - adapted from L Frank Baum by Gareth Roberts (2017)

Aladdin and his magic lamp - Written by Gareth Roberts (2018)

Oliver Twist - Adapted from Charles Dickens by Gareth Roberts (2018)

Snow White - Written by Gareth Roberts (2019)

The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Adapted from Victor Hugo by Gareth Roberts (2019)

Wartime Christmas - Devised by Gareth Roberts (2019)

Lady Windermere's Fan- By Oscar Wilde (2022)